About us

Instruments4africa (I4A) is a not-for-profit (501c-3) organization formed to empower underprivileged and at-risk youth through educational opportunities. We work to preserve traditional music and the arts in Africa. Our goal is to facilitate creative cooperation between Africa and the world. We are a volunteer-managed, grassroots organization. Our center of operations is in Mali, West Africa. In 2011 Instruments4africa was awarded The Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation grant from the US State Department. I4A also sponsors underprivileged youth to receive a quality education and mentoring in the arts. By focusing on the child, the family, the community, the culture and education, instruments4africa strives to create opportunities for youth to step out of the cycle of poverty, become leaders, and reach their highest potential. Committed to cultural preservation, I4A helps artists keep their practice alive so they can continue to empower their communities. We are currently assisting families of displaced traditional artists from the North of Mali.

Instruments4africa was founded by Paul Chandler and his wife Tama Walley.  Paul is an artist, educator and music producer living and teaching in Mali since 2003.  He has produced events and organized projects in Mali for National Geographic, NY Times, Carnegie Hall, USAID, Johns Hopkins/Bloomberg School of Public Health, US Department of State, UNICEF, APE Artists Project Earth, ABC, National Museum of Mali, Ministry of Culture (Mali), ICRISAT, and BONO’s non-profit organization DATA.  He is a certified teacher at the American International School of Bamako, where he teaches Humanities, and Music. Tama Walley is currently studying child development for her Masters in Social Work.  She is a certified yoga teacher & bodyworker and her background is in volunteer management. She currently teaches classes at the National Park in Bamako.

Please contact us for further information:


Mali telephone: (223)

Tama Walley with kids from Garana village

Paul Chandler with Bono on his visit to Mali

2 Responses to About us

  1. yvonne vela says:

    Tama, it was a pleasure meeting you today. thank you for sharing your light and joy today.

    Yvela aka Yvonne

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