Fundraising & Thank you!

Thanks to all of you who made donations and held fundraising events this summer to support the students and families in the Instruments 4 Africa program!  Please join our cause on facebook and you can click here to donate there as well!

Thank you  Toubab Krewe and Craiggie Brewing Company !

Thank you  Bikram Yoga Grapevine !

Thank you  Super Yoga Palace!

Thank you  Sharrie Williams and the Maybelline Story !

Thank you  Kendall Bergman, Kathy Cogar, Urska Manners & Robin Pascucci!

Thank you  Kristin Pepper and the kids at AISB!

Thank you to Tove and Torborg from Sweden!

Thank you to Sander, Astrid and Suzanne from Holland!

Thank you to all of our Friends and Family!

Because of your generous donations the girls started their new school on Monday….stay tuned for photos and a full update!  Remember all your donations are tax deductible…every little bit goes a long way for these kids!  Click here to be taken to the donation page (secure website through facebook causes).

About instruments4africa

Paul Chandler is an artist and producer living in Mali since 2002. He has produced events/organized projects in Mali for National Geographic
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