Professional Development


Konan kuassi sound engineer at studio mali in Bamako has been recording artists for the last twenty years. He frequently gives workshops to artists on how to prepare for studio sessions.

Instruments4Africa(I4A)facilitates professional development in live sound and recording technology.  We are partnering with the Malian Ministry of Culture to train artists in preparing albums for studio recording.   Experienced musical arrangers and technicians will teach artists with minimal studio experience.   Collaborating with local studio engineers, we hold workshops and provide mentoring to aspiring sound technicians and studio engineers.  We organize trainings with industry professionals from around the world who wish to come share and exchange their knowledge and experience with music professionals here in Mali and West Africa.  Mali is a politically stable country and the people are naturally tolerant, inclusive, and joyful.

For people who are interested in traditional music, West Africa is a paradise.  The diversity is astonishing.  While I4A is committed to the preservation of traditional culture, we also recognize the importance of African artists being able to compete in the modern world.  Most Malian musicians do not have access to quality, modern instruments, sound equipment or the training to use them to their full potential.  Your donations will reach the artists, music professionals, and studios with the greatest potential to benefit from this hand up. 

About instruments4africa

Paul Chandler is an artist and producer living in Mali since 2002. He has produced events/organized projects in Mali for National Geographic
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